Support For Oracle Discoverer Is Ending... What Are My Options?

Get access to this recording that discusses the impending end to Premier Support for Oracle Discoverer and some potential options to explore that match Oracle’s strategic direction for business intelligence.

  • Part 1 - What Is Oracle Discoverer?
  • Part 2 - Discoverer Support Is Ending
  • Part 3 - Options For Oracle Discoverer Customers
  • Part 4 - Building Your Team
  • Part 5 - BI Tool Migration Methodology
  • Part 6 - Exploring The Migration Options
  • Part 7 - Summary Of Migration Options For Discoverer
  • Part 8 - Q&A Session

Premier support for Oracle Discoverer is ending in June 2014 and if you're feeling the pressure to migrate to another solution, you're not alone. Moving to Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle BI Applications, Oracle's newest flagship platform for business intelligence and decision support, is a decision facing many Discoverer customers.

Join team members from Oracle and KPI Partners for this virtual event that helped define the options available to Discoverer customers who wish to continue to get value from their existing investments. Our panelists will explore:

  • Premier support ending for Oracle Discoverer in June 2014
  • Options for Oracle Discoverer customers
  • Overview of OBIEE & Oracle BI Applications
  • Tools & processes for migrating Discoverer customers
  • How KPI Partners has helped others with migration

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Q&A Session:

00:59:  Is there any way to migrate my workbooks directly to OBIEE reports?

01:34:  Isn’t Oracle Priority Support supposed to end in 2017?

04:32:  What about the potential of migrating to BI publisher from Discoverer?

05:51:  Can the Oracle BI Applications be integrated with other ERP applications than outside of the business suite?

06:35:  Is Premier Support ending for that product as well? (Oracle BI Discoverer Desktop

06:50:  How does the KPI prebuilt content for real time differ from running a concurrent report directly on a transactional system, like EVS, doesn’t that diminish performance?

08:25:  When will Oracle release the next statement of direction for Discoverer?

09:02:  Is Oracle planning on creating a migration assistant that doesn’t require a 10g to 11g upgrade in OBIEE?

09:54:  What version of EVS does KPI’s real time solutions support?

10:24:  How does this Discoverer Support play into the lifetime support policy under EVS?

11:12:  If I have Discoverer reporting on a data warehouse schema which proposed options is best?

11:49:  After you implement OBIEE, what is a typical knowledge transfer approach look like?

12:39:  Where can one get more information on the Discoverer Migration Utility?

13:38:  Is Endeca an option for replacing discover?

14:48:  Will upgrading from Discoverer to OBIEE require additional hardware?

15:19:  If one wants to migrate from the BI Applications would they still need the metadata migration utility?

16:05:  Does KPI have a presence in Canada?

16:21:  (comment-question) We only do ADHOC queries basically dumping results into Excel or a file that users pull into their own software; Does Oracle have any product that would still meet those needs?

17:25:  We have the Hyperion 11g environment, can that be extended to incorporate OBIEE?

18:03:  Will they still need to go through all the migration processes that we mentioned to OBIEE answers to essentially do the same thing?

18:36:  Within OBIEE can users still create ADHOC reports and share them with each other?

19:42:  You said the KPI Real-Time Toolkit builds database use from workbooks, do I end up with one view for each workbook?