Transform Your Business With Cross-Functional Analytics

Customer Spotlight On Interactive Data Corporation.  

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[Part 1] INFORMATION: A Pre-Requisite For Successful Cross-Functional Operations

To succeed in today’s information-driven age, line-of-business managers need to access, interpret, and take action instantly on data that goes beyond their specific functional areas. However, many businesses are failing to meet that need because analytical teams and tools are typically deployed in silos and are disconnected partially or wholly from the rest of the enterprise.

  • Defining “Cross-Functional”
  • Composition of a Cross-Functional Team
  • Pre-Requisites To the Cross-Functional Concept
  • Cross-Functional Information Success Criteria
  • Pre-packaged Analytical Software For Cross-Functional Analysis

Speaker: Jeremiah Johnson

[Part 2] Customer Spotlight: Business Intelligence at Interactive Data Corporation

Learn how Interactive Data, a leading global provider of financial market data, gained efficiencies across numerous global operations with cross-functional analytics using Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.

  • About Interactive Data Corporation (IDCO)
  • Overview of Business Intelligence (BI) Ecosystem and Program
  • Business Challenges / Key Drivers
  • Implementation Approach
  • Business Benefits
  • Lessons Learned
  • Future Plans

Speaker: Robert Davis, BI Director, Interactive Data Corporation

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