Webinar: Simultaneous Projects: The Oracle BI Applications Deployment During an ERP Upgrade

Get access to a recording from our live webcast featuring Sid Goel and Mark Joslin from KPI Partners on the options organizations have to conduct a BI and ERP project simultaneously.


When is the best time to implement the Oracle BI Applications?

How about during the upgrade of your ERP system? The organization benefits by gaining the new capabilities and business analysis domains exposed by the Oracle BI Solution as it rolls out the newer ERP.

From an overall effort perspective, the main advantage of implementing the Oracle BI apps during the ERP upgrade is to ensure that the same resources involved in the upgrade are involved in the BI apps. Typically, duplicate tasks are eliminated, driving down the overall cost. From a technical perspective, the ERP deployment team enjoys the additional validation of the source system data. In other words, the implementation of the BI Apps makes the actual ERP upgrade go smoother.

Better yet, the implementation of the BI Apps can justify the ERP upgrade as the newer analysis domains are introduced as the ERP is rolled out.

Join KPI Partners for this educational webinar that takes a deep dive into the positives, negatives, challenges, and lessons learned from deploying the Oracle BI Applications during an ERP upgrade.

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