Webinar: Bookings, Billings, and Backlog (BBB) Analysis With Oracle BI

Get access to a recording From a KPI educational webinar that takes a deep dive into how a Bookings, Billings and Backlog analytic solution from Oracle can improve your organization's cash flow and customer satisfaction.

Bookings, Billings and Backlog (BBB) analysis is a key component to reducing Order-to-Cash cycle time. By analyzing bookings, shipping performance and billings, organizations can quickly gain insight into areas that may serve as an opportunity for improvement. For example, by applying an analytic solution that focused on backlogs and return reasons, a Fortune 500 company quickly identified quick-wins to improve customer satisfaction.

There are a number of reasons why organizations struggle with Bookings, Billings and Backlog analysis:

  • Data is distributed disparately across multiple functional areas
  • Order Management, Account Receivables & Inventory Management. This distribution of data can prevent holistic reporting.
  • "Why?" and "How?" analysis is not easy.
  • Comparative analysis of Bookings, Billings and Backlog data with historical trend data is not possible.