On-Demand Recording: Depot Repair Analytics for Oracle BI & E-Business Suite

Get access to a recording from our live webcast featuring Pavan Nanjundaiah from KPI Partners on how Depot Repair Analytics can extend your Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle BI Applications deployment.

Key Functionality

Depot Repair Analytics is delivered with out-of-the-box conformed dimensions and features the following functionality:

  • Current and trending analysis on Profitability, Revenue, Discounts, and Margin.
  • Accuracy Analysis fot Estimates Versus Actual Charges.
  • Average Time to Repair by Technician, Depot, and Item.
  • Current and trending analysis for Backlogs and Repair Order Closure Efficiency.
  • Repair Activity by Frequent Return Reasons and Failures.
  • Slice & dice by Item, Depot, Technician, Customer, and Repair Type.
  • Drill-down between Depot Repair Analytics and Service Analytics
  • Drill-down from Depot Repair Analytics to Sales Order detail.