White Paper: Creating A Business Advantage With Offshore Resources

notebook CreatingABusinessAdvantageWithOffshoreResources 321This white paper discusses how Fortune 500 enterprises leverage the offshore and blended-shore model for higher market growth and business advantage. 

Offshore outsourcing is now a mainstream practice for Fortune 500 Enterprises as more and more companies are going offshore to develop and maintain software.  The reason is simple: outsourcing saves time and money. 

Cost savings was the primary reason US clients began to adopt the offshore model in the early 1990s. The major drivers in the past few years have gone way beyond cost. Other drivers for offshore now include:

  • Time to market 
  • Available and flexible talent pool 
  • Quality 
  • Higher productivity 
  • A 24-hour workday for support activities 
  • Quick ramp-up

KPI Partners currently operates two Offshore Technology Centers in India.  The Offshore Technology centers are a critical component of the blended-shore model that many of our clients utilize today.  The basic framework of our blended-shore model consists of on-site KPI consultants and an OTC team working in concert to meet the needs of our clients.

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