Business Intelligence (BI)

KPI Partners experience with business intelligence is rooted in the origins of BI and decision support software systems.

Our founders and staff have been working with analytics since 1999, having successfully completed hundreds of business intelligence projects.  Many members of KPI were part of the original analytics engineering teams at Siebel and Oracle.

As the leader in business intelliegnce implementations, KPI Partners has been the first partner to execute several notable milestone achievements.  With hundreds of successful deployments, our team is the largest and most decorated pool of business intelligence experts in the world.

Data Discovery

Data discovery tools provide the means of presenting relevant data to senior management, financial executives, sales, operational managers, etc. at the proper level of detail and within the required time period. 

Cloud Analytics

As business intelligence solutions in the Cloud become an increasingly viable option for today’s organizations, KPI offers cloud-based analytical services to address this need. 

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is not just about managing more or diverse data.  Rather, it is about asking new questions, formulating new hypotheses, exploration and discovery, and making data-driven decisions.  Essentially, allowing the user to have a conversation with the data.