Descriptive Flexfield Analytics for Oracle BI & E-Business Suite | Download Information Sheet

KPI has developed a pre-built analytic application specifically designed for Oracle E-Business Suite Descriptive Flexfields

What are Descriptive Flexfields (DFF)?

sellsheet DFFanalytics 321Flexfields are customizable fields within Oracle Applications that allow organizations flexibility to the way they do business, as opposed to attempting to make each organization conform to a “one size fits all” philosophy.

Descriptive Flexfields provide customized “expansion space”. You can use Descriptive Flexfields to track additional information, important and unique to your business, that would not otherwise be captured.


KPI Partners has developed a pre-packaged Descriptive Flexfield Analytics solution for use on the Oracle Business Intelligence platform. Using the solution with Oracle E-Business Suite enables any organization to review all the Descriptive Flexfields information stored in the source system. Analyze all the Descriptive Flexfields in a selected module, a selected table, or by individual Descriptive Flexfield.

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