KPI is a Snowflake Gold Level Solution Partner and global provider of consulting, mentoring and training services for the Snowflake Data Platform. KPI has Snowflake SnowPro Certified resources in both the US and offshore.


Top 5 Reasons for Using KPI for your Snowflake Project

  • Certified Snowflake resources
  • Referenceable Snowflake customer
  • Free Snowflake migration assessment and cost estimate to migrate to Snowflake
  • Expertise in leveraging existing tools while designing a best practices Snowflake architecture
  • Accelerators for migrating customers from Teradata, Netezza, Hadoop, and other platforms

Snowflake use cases-2


Accelerators for the Top 4 Snowflake Migration Use Cases

#1 Migrate Data to Snowflake

#2 Migrate Database Code to SnowSQL


#3 Migrate ETL Tool to a New Tool or Optimize Current ETL Tool for Snowflake


#4 Migrate Pre-Built BI Application to Snowflake

KPI Cloud Analytics for Snowflake enables the integration of enterprise applications (cloud and on-premise) using Snowflake to provide an end-to-end system capable of comprehensive cross-functional analytics.

With a pre-built data model, pre-built ETL, and pre-built analytics, KPI Cloud Analytics gathers information from multiple sources and drives insightful decision-making across the enterprise.

So, you have decided to move to Snowflake. Get started with Snowflake with a KPI Partners Quick Start Package. Download the info sheet for more details

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