School Performance Analytics for Oracle BI (formerly Student Information Analytics)

KPI Partners has developed a pre-built analytic application specifically designed for K-12 educational institutions


KPI Partners has developed a pre-packaged School Performance Analytics solution for use on the Oracle Business Intelligence platform.

KPI’s School Performance Analytics enable any school system to effectively analyze their student information and provides a wide variety of pre built subject areas, dashboards, reports, and metrics based on different dimensions of student information such as test and results information, class schedule information, student attendance, student performance, teacher performance, school performance and overall district performance.

Demo Preview

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>> Click Here Watch the Full Webinar & Demo <<


School Performance Analytics facilitates reporting to regulatory agencies. Regulatory requirements have put an increasing burden on school districts to more efficiently manage their curricula, show year-over- year improvement in student achievement, ensure their educators are meeting their goals and assessments, and to reduce any disciplinary incidents during their school years.

Regulations are imposed at the local, state and federal levels, and can represent an insurmountable reporting problem for schools that are not equipped to quickly analyze existing data and seamlessly turn that data into the required information.


KPI Partners designed School Performance Analytics with multiple adaptors which can integrate with various data sources which may store your student information. Data is loaded into a pre built data model specifically developed to enhance the capabilities of OBIEE in the area of educational system-related business intelligence.

The data model, extract-transform-load (ETL) processes, dashboards, and reports are all customizable and extendable to meet the needs of a specific institution.