Strategic Consulting & System Implementation

We Have The Functional & Technical Expertise To Transform Data Into Insight

KPI Solution Flow ChartKPI Partners works with both corporate technology departments and corporate business units to develop value-added business intelligence solutions, not just new technology deployments.

KPI partners with many of the world's leading vendors who specialize in Analytics, BI, Data Integration, Cloud Services, and ERP solutions. The award-winning staff at KPI Partners directly originated from the product engineering departments at Oracle, Siebel, and Hyperion.

KPI's combination of industry background, knowledge of application sources, and expertise on decision support tools offers the best value for your company.  Our delivery models can be customized for your needs and budget.

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Systems Implementation, A Core KPI Service Offering.

Consulting Diagram about Oracle Business IntelligenceSystems implementations require expert industry and domain knowledge as well as expertise with underlying application's sources. KPI's industry background, our knowledge of application sources, and our expertise in Analytics, BI, Data Integration, Cloud Services, and ERP makes us unique. In addition to our technical consulting, we provide strategy, user adoption and process improvement consulting services.

Consulting services offered through a variety of delivery models:



Roadmaps & Strategy

KPI has provided executive-level roadmap guidance for several Fortune 1000 companies. The result of many engagements include the launch of business intelligence competency centers, advisory councils, and steering committees.  This cross-functional expertise is imperative to meet the goals of both  business and IT executives.



Health Checks

The KPI Partners Expert Services Team provides customers with the ability to obtain a Health Check of their business intelligence systems. A Health Check is much like an annual physical from a doctor. Your good sense would embrace the information you get from the check-up. With a bill of good health you can take a sigh of relief. On the other hand, if the doctor finds something wrong with your health, you can take corrective action immediately to reduce any future risks.  Health Checks are typically 2 to 3 weeks in length, depending on complexity. 



Tool Migration

As technology continues to evolve faster than we can think, the notion of moving all business reporting to a common platform continues to rise. Companies simply don’t want to continue to administer multiple applications, across different technologies, with multiple security models and metadata tools to maintain.

KPI Partners migration specialists will assist you in transferring these legacy reports into the framework of your chosen platform.  Our migration methodology does not simply map old reports to new reports, but analyzes business processes to determine if there is a better way to deliverable actionable insight across the enterprise.  Learn more on our Migration Programs page >>