Depot Repair Analytics for Oracle BI & Oracle E-Business Suite

KPI Partners has developed a pre-built analytic application specifically designed for standard repair processes.

box depotrepairanalytics 300Overview

KPI Partners has developed a pre-packaged Depot Repair Analytics solution for use on the Oracle Business Intelligence platform and the Oracle E-Business Suite Depot Repair module.

KPI’s Depot Repair Analytics enable any organization to monitor and report on repair processes throughout the entire life-cycle. Key analytical areas include Repair Orders, Estimates, and Shipping & Billing.

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Depot Repair Analytics is fully integrated with Oracle’s BI Application platform and is compliant with standards for Oracle ETL and BI metadata.


KPI’s Depot Repair Analytics is a natural extension of Oracle Supply Chain Analytics and Oracle Service Analytics. Integration is available for Service Requests, Contracts, and Order Management modules.

Within Service Analytics, Depot Repair Analytics provides insight into service requests for a particular request and repair order. Within Order Management Analytics users are given the ability to monitor the Return Material Authorization (RMA) , repair status, and the shipping process.

Key Functionality

Depot Repair Analytics is delivered with out-of-the-box conformed dimensions and features the following functionality:

  • Current and trending analysis on Profitability, Revenue, Discounts, and Margin.
  • Accuracy Analysis for Estimates Versus Actual Charges.
  • Average Time to Repair by Technician, Depot, and Item.
  • Current and trending analysis for Backlogs and Repair Order Closure Efficiency.
  • Repair Activity by Frequent Return Reasons and Failures.
  • Slice & dice by Item, Depot, Technician, Customer, and Repair Type.
  • Drill-down between Depot Repair Analytics and Service Analytics
  • Drill-down from Depot Repair Analytics to Sales Order detail.