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Revenue Generating Real-Time Business Intelligence at Qualcomm

Customer Need

Qualcomm Enterprise Services (QES) offers a suite of software products to help shipping fleet customers manage their drivers, vehicles and end customers. One of the main reasons Qualcomm lost customers in competitive situations was due to a lack of an integrated reporting and analysis system across their many applications.

An effort was formulated to create an application titled QES Analytics manager to better position the business competitively within the market.

Qualcomm’s objective was to generate revenue from licensing QES Analytics Manager to customers via the QES Customer Portal, as well as use QES Analytics Manager to help bring new customers to QES and generate revenue across many applications.

Solution Overview

KPI Partners collaborated with Qualcomm to develop a complete end-to end data warehouse and business intelligence system. On one end, OBIEE is embedded in the custom portal and integrated with a single sign-on (SSO) solution. End users access the portal and the portions of QES Analytics Manager that they are licensed to see. Each customer has access to only their data, but a key innovative feature is the ability to allow customers to compare themselves against the larger industry. Thus, every metric in the system is comparable to the larger industry as a whole.

Qualcomm’s Oracle BI solution is built on top of a 3-layer data warehouse platform. At the lowest level is a real-time layer developed using Informatica Change Data Capture (CDC). Here, tables are replicated from each of the source systems in a real-time manner. This real-time layer is also used as the source for a traditional data warehouse layer refreshed in a batch mode 2 times per day. Finally, on a daily basis, the data mart layer is refreshed from the aforementioned data warehouse layer. The data-mart layer uses a traditional star schema model to support Oracle Business Intelligence queries.

Business Impact

After go-live, new uses for the system are continually identified; it is growing beyond its initial plans. Qualcomm Enterprise Services is adding new functionality that was previously licensed out to various business partners. This new functionality produces a direct cost savings, eliminating the need for external licensing.


Download The Entire Case Study

Download The Entire Case Study

Qualcomm & KPI develop end-to-end analytics so shipping fleet customers can manage drivers, vehicles, and customers. Qualcomm is continually acquiring paying customers for QES Analytics Manager and supporting thousands of vehicles.



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