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Case Study: Lam Research - SAP HANA Sidecar & Power BI on Finance Dashboards

Leveraging “BW on HANA” and “HANA Sidecar” to streamline reporting needs

About Lam Research


LAM Research is a $10 billion+ US Semiconductor company based in Fremont, California, with over 14,000 employees.

Customer Need / Business Driver

Company-wide LAM decided to use Denodo and Power BI for all Data Integration, Abstraction, and Reporting needs, respectively. Existing BW dashboards are built on top of BEx (BW Query Designer), and Power BI reports on top of BEx perform very poorly.


LAM Research’s Selection Process

LAM Research selected KPIs over multiple vendors through a rigorous RFP process. KPI’s expertise in SAP BW on HANA, HANA Sidecar, Power BI, and Denodo was a key differentiator. KPI’s blended shore model provides additional benefits in minimizing cost and risk for LAM Research.


What KPI Delivered

  • KPI combined "SAP BW on HANA" and "HANA Sidecar" to create HANA models that can be consumed either by Denodo (virtualization tool) or Power BI
  • KPI built HANA / Denodo models for different business functions such as Finance (Costs, Revenues, Spares, and Services), HCM, Sales, Purchasing, etc.

Business Benefits

  • Optimized the process for reporting Finance, Sales, HCM data using HANA/Denodo models
  • Users can continue using the existing system as-is while using HANA Sidecar as a secondary database i.e., both BEx, as well as Power BI Reports, can be used
  • Accomplished data standardization using Denodo Models
  • Automated data loads to HANA Sidecar Tables using Stored Procedures and BW Process chains

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