KPI’s Data Lake Services help you build, assess, and leverage data lake environments in Hadoop, and avoid wasted time and effort on a failed implementation. We help you manage and govern your data efficiently and keep your data trusted, secure, and ready for analytics.


What We Deliver

  • Data Lake Architectures – centers of competency and organizational models; governance models; metadata and data management; security, authentication and auditing; recommendations for data access and provisioning; cluster, configuration and performance optimization
  • Data Lake Foundations – ingest, metadata and lifecycle pilots; security models; trusted data treatments and publishing, secure export and transport to Hadoop analytics zone or external platforms
  • Data Lake Analytics – modeling, materialization and preparation for analytic and BI tools; event-based OLAP analytics and discovery and exploratory analytics within data labs

Our Approach

  • We help you identify an prioritize high-value use cases that help you beat the competition
  • We work with your existing teams to optimize business outcomes
  • We focus on integrating existing data sets and tools into advanced solutions
  • We use pre-built components and quality templates for integration and data access
  • We drive positive results by mapping existing and new technology assets to your business objectives


  • Get freedom from the shackles of one big data model
  • Support big data volume and variety
  • Enable a single enterprise-wide repository and provide access to data previously trapped in silos