KPI helps you easily identify, analyze and offload data and workloads from a traditional data warehouse to Hadoop. Ingest multiple sources of data and create complex workflow pipelines for self-service data usage and integration.

What We Deliver

  • Quickly create larger data sets with little or no changes to existing process and add new analytics at a fraction of cost unlike in traditional EDW
  • Replace a traditional ETL approach with a modern self-service driven approach
  • Migrate data, views, transform procedure language scripts, RBAC, and reports in an automated way
  • Blend disparate data sources like EDW, RDBMS, NoSQL and streaming sources effortlessly
  • Take a deeper look into your business facts with all-in-one self-service analytics

Our Approach

  • We help you identify an prioritize high-value use cases that help you beat the competition
  • We work with your existing teams to optimize business outcomes
  • We focus on integrating existing data sets and tools into advanced solutions
  • We use pre-built components and quality templates for integration and data access
  • We drive positive results by mapping existing and new technology assets to your business objectives


  • Accelerate the time-to-benefits with a big data and advanced analytics ready data warehouse environment
  • Reduce migration effort and costs and experience significant productivity gains with automated migration tools
  • Securely govern and access data with centralized metadata harvesting and publishing