Moving your on-premise solutions and data to the cloud platform can be challenging. KPI has successfully completed a number of projects in migrating crucial on-premise solutions to cloud data centers.

Migration Services

What We Deliver

  • We assess the on-premise content, identify key risk areas, and prepare a plan for migration
  • We follow industry standard best practices to migrate the content to cloud infrastructure
  • We perform stringent data validation tests to ensure that the data migrated is accurate
  • We run multiple performance oriented and stress tests to ensure the durability and robustness of the new architecture

Our Approach

  • Analysis and Planning – review infrastructure and costs, application footprint and roadmap, detailed roadmap for migration
  • POC and Validation – VPC and network connectivity, security configurations, backup operations
  • Design and Build – finalize and prioritize workloads, identify refactoring, build a cloud migration strategy
  • Migrate – move data, move applications, leverage and optimize the cloud


  • Following industry approved process and complete migration in optimal timelines
  • Data undergoing rigorous testing strategy to ensure accuracy
  • Performance assessments to ensure there is no impact to business post migration