Fusion Analytics Warehouse (FAW)

Fusion Analytics Warehouse (FAW) is a set of packaged analytics for Oracle ERP, HCM, CX, and SCM SaaS applications. FAW is a SaaS-packaged content application providing analytics for applications. It is built on top of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) and is powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.


What offerings of Fusion Analytics Warehouse are available?







What are the key features of Fusion Analytics Warehouse?

How can KPI Partners help with FAW?

How can KPI Partners help with FAW

What's included in Fusion Analytics Warehouse?

A subscription to FAW comes with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud (FAW). FAW consists of a data pipeline, data warehouse, semantic model, and best-practice content such as pre-built metrics, dashboards, and reports.

What do I need to move to Fusion Analytics Warehouse?

There are a few prerequisites for moving to FAW. According to Oracle, “You must have a cloud account with Universal Credits to provision Fusion Analytics Warehouse.” FAW supports Oracle Fusion Applications Services on version 19B, PB7, or 19C or upwards, so you’ll need to ensure you’re on one of those versions. If you have questions about upgrading, make an appointment with one of our analytics experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fusion Analytics Warehouse replace BI Apps?

  • No, FAW does not replace Oracle BI Apps. Oracle has made this very clear, calling FAW an “independent new product line of targeted analytical applications for Oracle SaaS customers.” Current Oracle BI Apps customers are guaranteed support through at least 2030, according to Oracle

  • Oracle BI Applications will be the last Oracle BI Applications release. Oracle is launching Fusion Analytics Warehouse, or FAW