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Case Study: First American Title Company - FATCO Xplor Cloud Migration

Migrating SSRS dashboards and reports to Power BI

About First American Title Company

FATCOFirst American Title Company is a $6 billion+ US Financial services company based in Santa Ana with over 1,000 employees.

First American Title Company’s Business Needs

First American Title Company wanted to modernize their SSRS-based legacy reporting systems developed for the Operations division including pipeline reports, ageing, and operational dashboards to track day-to-day operations. They wanted to move to a cloud platform with minimal operational overhead and chose Power BI/Snowflake for their future state. 

First American Title Company’s Selection Process

First American Title Company selected KPI over multiple vendors through a rigorous RFP process. KPI’s expertise in Microsoft technologies especially on the Power platform along with KPI's strong partnership tiers with Microsoft technologies were the key differentiators for First American to choose KPI over other vendors. In addition, KPI’s blended shore project execution model to minimize cost and risk for First American was another major factor.

What KPI Delivered

  • KPI Analyzed 150+ legacy reports developed using SSRS pointing to SQL Server
  • KPI developed robust scalable Power BI datasets by factoring in the conversion of legacy T-SQL code to Snowflake compatible SQL
  • Conversion also factored in Data model changes from legacy normalized structure to denormalized data models in snowflake
  • Developed Javascript-based Snowflake stored procedures to convert T-SQL stored procedures
  • Complex multi-page reports in SSRS were redesigned using Power BI paginated report builder and published to Power BI service

Business Benefits

  • KPI modernized the legacy reporting system to the latest cloud-based reporting system.
  • Simplified and standardized complex report development in Power BI using KPI's proven methodologies.
  • Converted T-SQL Code to Snowflake compatible code
  • Converted code to incorporate new Xplor data model
  • Combined multiple similar reports into one report
  • Ensured Data refresh SLA for different datasets

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