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Case Study: Networking Hardware Company - IoT Reporting with Tableau and Snowflake

 About Networking Hardware Company

Customer is a leading manufacturer of networking equipment with annual revenues of $1.4 billion and over 1,000 employees.

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Tags: Case Study, Tableau, Hadoop, AWS, Snowflake, Leveraging Hadoop & Snowflake, Hive, NiFi

Case Study: Twist Bioscience - SAP Reporting with Tableau, Snowflake and Matillion

About Twist Bioscience

Twist is a public company that manufactures synthetic DNA for clients in the biotechnology industry.

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Tags: Case Study, Tableau, Snowflake, Matillion, Twist Bioscience, SAP Reporting

Case Study: Automating the migration from Oracle to Snowflake

Overview - Oracle to Snowflake Migration Utility

KPI Partners is an Oracle and Snowflake partner and has experience migrating multiple customers from Oracle to
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Tags: Case Study, Migrations, Snowflake, Oracle to Snowflake, KPI Data Accelerator