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Case Study: Automating the migration from Oracle to Snowflake

Overview - Oracle to Snowflake Migration Utility

KPI Partners is an Oracle and Snowflake partner and has experience migrating multiple customers from Oracle to

Business Needs

Customers want to move to Snowflake for its ability to achieve faster queries and lower their cost of ownership. Customers want to move to Snowflake as quickly as possible minimizing cost and risk.


The challenges in migrating from Oracle to Snowflake are three fold:
  • Matching Oracle data types to Snowflake data types
  • Moving 100% of the data to Snowflake and validating that all data has been moved successfully
  • Doing the above quickly, cheaply and with 100% reliability

KPI Data Accelerator

The KPI Data Accelerator allows your organization to transform and transfer your existing Oracle database to Snowflake automatically. Within a week you will have your full Oracle dataset in Snowflake to allow you to begin:

  • Performance comparisons between Snowflake and Oracle
  • Evaluate Snowflake features and capabilities

Migration of Oracle Database to Snowflake

Business Benefits

Reduce data migration time, effort and cost by 90% over manual migration methods using the KPI Data Accelerator.

Customer Value Proposition

Additional Services
KPI assist your organization in redirecting or migrating your existing data integration processes to Snowflake. KPI has experience with - Spark, Kafka, Informatica, ODI, Matillion, Snaplogic, etc.

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