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Case Study: Greenball - KPI Cloud Analytics for EBS with Oracle BICS

About Greenball

Greenball deGreenball Case Studyvelops, manufactures and imports a variety of quality tires. Dedicated to ongoing research and development, Greenball continues to be an industry leader in new and innovative tire designs.

Customer Need / Business Driver

Greenball needed reporting from Oracle E-Business Suite in the areas of procurement, order management, inventory and accounts receivables in order to improve cash flow and ensure prompt delivery to customers.
The business was looking for a solution that could be up and running in less than 12 weeks but could be easily expanded in the future. 

Greenball Case Study - Download PDF

Why Was KPI Partners Chosen?

Greenball looked at a variety of reporting tools but settled on Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) because of its tight integration into their Oracle infrastructure.

Greenball selected KPI’s Cloud Analytics for EBS as the pre-built content would allow a solution to be put in place two to three times faster and cheaper than building a solution from scratch.

Project Summary

KPI deployed Oracle BICS and KPI Cloud Analytics for EBS in a 10-week project with a blended onsite and offshore team.

KPI delivered 25 dashboards and 50 reports in Oracle BICS with full and incremental load from EBS.
The solution met Greenball’s performance requirements even when loading multi-million row areas such as orders and inventory transactions.


  • Improved cash flow through better AR reporting
  • Reduced inventory
  • Improved order management
  • 60% time and cost savings over an on-premise solution built from scratch

“Everything looks fantastic! We are so excited for the BI project to be live in PROD.”
Cindy Shieh, Information Systems Manager, Greenball

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