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Endeca Brings Enhanced BI Capabilities to Oracle

Posted by JEREMIAH JOHNSON on Thu, Nov 08, 2012 @ 12:01 AM

When Oracle chose to enter an acquisition agreement with Endeca back in October of 2011, most industry experts agreed that this deal would further help to enhance the BI capabilities of Oracle. However, no one could have predicted the impact the deal has made roughly one year later. Oracle made its claim in the BI industry with its implementation of OBIEE or Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition. OBIEE helped to cause a dramatic shift over to self-service Business Intelligence. With Endeca now on board, Oracle is rapidly transforming what was once considered classic BI usage and bringing on new types of unstructured data, with factors such as text files and management of social media.

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Watch Case Study Video/Demo:  Endeca Analyzes Crime Reports For Chicago Police


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Before the software was picked up by Oracle, it was most commonly being used as a key role component in helping e-commerce companies grow their businesses. Data such as analytics and online merchandising could easily be monitored. With Oracle and Endeca agreement, they are trying to help push this unique solution within BI industry towards customers that need social media monitoring, mobile tools, and more so that these options can become a staple part of Oracle’s BI structure.

Benefits of Endeca Being Added to the Oracle Business Intelligence Stack

What is so great about this software being added to Oracle’s BI Stack? For one thing, users can now mess around with the data they receive. Before this, IT professionals would have to create data models for the user before they could ever see anything. This software works so well for the user because it takes a combination of data from outside systems and forms it all together so it can easily be searched, analyzed, or exported. Because of this, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery exists as the only infrastructure within the BI industry that pairs unstructured data and structured data together for analysis.

Why Is This Particular Software so Appealing For The Typical User?

One of the main reasons why Oracle was so smart to acquire Endeca is because of its simple interface. For most users, it has a low level of learning required and is very easy to pick up. It can run within a browser and has a wide range of different reporting capabilities.

As mentioned earlier, Endeca is a fantastic tool that has the ability to provide analysis to not only raw data but text data, as well. For any individual or business out there that is trying to work with big data or information from their social media services, Endeca works well at analyzing unstructured data in a way that can provide major benefits for anyone using it.



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