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Education Analytics - Key Metrics for Instructor Planning

Posted by KPI Partners News Team on Thu, Jul 16, 2015 @ 12:14 PM

by Parul Singh

Teaching is a complex, multifaceted activity that often requires the instructors to juggle between multiple tasks and goals simultaneously. The following are the small but powerful set of metrics that can interpret workloads and instructor assignments to make a better decision for effective and efficient instructor planning for courses. This would also support budget, resource allocation analyses and decision-making. 

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Higher Education Analytics: Key Star Schemas for Institutional Research

Posted by KPI Partners News Team on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 @ 01:40 PM

by Parul Singh

The need for robust reporting and a structured enterprise data warehouse for educational institutions is becoming a necessity.  This type of modern architecture empowers academic institutions with best-in-class reporting and analytic capabilities to increase faculty, staff and student productivity; streamline operations and institutional advancement; and ensure student success.

There are a few key star schemas that can aid universities and their stakeholders to make informed decisions and deliver a better student experience:

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