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[Recording] Extending Oracle BI for Real-Time Analytics

Posted by KPI Partners News Team on Fri, Apr 12, 2013 @ 11:54 AM

describe the imageOrganizations do not have the ability to wait for a data refresh during critical business times like the financial close process & the management of an enterprise's supply chain.  The innovators at KPI Partners have extended the Oracle BI Applications to support real-time analytics.

On April 3rd, KPI Partners broadcast a webinar which explored:

  • Differences in real-time, near real-time and batch reporting methods
  • Business scenarios for real-time reporting
  • Key questions that can be addressed by real-time financial analysis
  • Important supply chain & inventory analysis enhanced by real-time BI
  • How KPI's solution overcomes traditional real-time BI shortcomings

Get access to a recording from our live webcast featuring Sid Goel, Bruce Wroughton, Kumar Krishnaswamy, and Jeremiah Johnson from KPI Partners that help us understand the benefits of implementing a real-time analytics solution for your organization using existing Oracle infrastructure.

Click here to access to the entire webinar & demo recording on the KPI Partners website. 

An abbreviated preview is available below.


Q&A Session:

02:57 - Can we do real-time reporting against other ERP systems like Peoplesoft & JD Edwards?

03:34 - Is the complexity of the analysis the main difference between Classic BI & Real-Time BI?

05:45 - Does "Real-Time" mean seconds, minutes, or other?

06:41 - How does KPI's Real-Time solution relate to Oracle Transactional BI (OTBI)?

07:47 - Are replication tools required for real-time analytics?

09:12 - What versions of Oracle E-Business Suite are currently supported?

09:27 - Are Descriptive Flex Fields (DFF) part of the solution?

10:05 - How can Oracle Exalytics enhance real-time analysis?

12:43 - How are ERP upgrades handled?

14:06 - Can KPI build Real-Time solutions for non-ERP sources?

14:39 - How does KPI's Real-Time Analytics for Oracle BI compare to Noetix?

15:33 - Is KPI's Real-Time solution focused on operational reports or complex analytics reports?

16:50 - Does KPI's Real-Time BI combine Real-Time BI & Classic BI in a single report or dashboard?

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