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Under The Hood Of The New Oracle BI Apps

Posted by JEREMIAH JOHNSON on Tue, May 14, 2013 @ 08:18 AM

What's New And What's Improved In The New Version Of Oracle BI Applications...

Oracle just released a new version of Oracle BI Applications ( also known as 11g PS1) and as the top partner for Oracle BI Applications (we can prove it - we've won the awards), we thought we'd take a look under the hood to highlight the enhancements.


The new BI Apps release leverages the power of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). This is a huge development… a development that we thought actually deserved more attention than a simple "dot release". The previous versions of the BI Apps used Informatica as the primary data integration tool. OBIA can alternatively utilize ODI and its E-L-T (Extract-Load-Transform) functionality (rather than E-T-L) for a setup that could provide increased performance and reduced data integration costs.

The utilization of Oracle GoldenGate for data replication is also now a pre-packaged option. GoldenGate can help eliminate the need for ETL batch windows and minimize performance drains on OLTP (On-Line Transactional Processing) systems. KPI already recommends the use of GoldenGate to enhance the capabilities of exclusive solutions for Real-Time Financial Analytics and Real-Time Supply Chain & Inventory Analytics.

A new Configuration Manager (BIACM) provides a centralized web-based administrative user interface to simplify the setup and maintenance of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.  The new Functional Setup Manager (FSM) works in conjunction with BIACM to track and manage implementation projects and their required functional setup steps.

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New Pre-Built Modules

The release of features two new modules for Student Information Analytics and Indirect Spend Planning.

Student Information Analytics

Oracle Student Information Analytics is a much anticipated extension to Peoplesoft Campus Solutions and will likely be a key implementation initiative for the thousands of higher-ed institutions currently using the Campus Solutions ERP system. The key areas of analysis in the new module are Recruitment and Admissions, Student Records, And Student Finance.

If you were to plug "Oracle Student Information Analytics" into Google today (May 13, 2013), you are likely to be presented with a bunch of first-page results that feature a 'Student Information Analytics' solution exclusively offered by KPI Partners. KPI has extensive experience in the education industry and, years-ago, created a pre-built analytics application specifically designed for educational institutions called… you-got-it... 'Student Information Analytics for Oracle BI'.

KPI's solution is different than the new Oracle module in that it is ERP-agnostic and provides pre-built analysis on grades, test scores, schedules, enrollment, school performance, and compliance reporting for regulatory agencies. To avoid confusion with the new Oracle BI Apps module going forward, KPI is re-naming their exclusive solution as 'School Performance Analytics for Oracle BI'.

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Oracle Indirect Spend Planning

Indirect Spend Planning (ISP) enables procurement and line of business teams to uncover high-opportunity spend reduction areas and improve future planning cycles by monitoring and evaluating spend performance. ISP integrates directly with Oracle E-Business Suite and Peoplesoft but will also leverage Oracle Essbase for what-if analysis and scenario modeling to predict spending patterns.

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Enhancements To Existing Pre-Built Modules

  • HR Analytics: expanded analysis for Time and Labor Analytics, Payroll Analytics, and Workforce Gains and Losses
  • Procurement & Spend Analytics: new content area for Sourcing Analytics to help analyze negotiations.
  • Supply Chain and Order Management: Enhanced Inventory Analysis and New Item Cost History
  • Financial Analytics: Budgetary Control Analytics and Fixed Asset Analytics (for ODI & Fusion). KPI is the only partner who has built an exclusive application extension for Fixed Asset Analytics for use with Informatica.
  • Project Analytics: new out-of-the-box content areas include Resource Management Analytics, Project Subledger Reconciliation. Optimized user interface for specific user perspectives.
  • CRM Analytics (Price, Service & Sales): Price Analytics now features E-Business Suite as an approved source. Support for Service Contracts and Indirect Forecasting support.
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Other Cool Stuff

  • New Data Lineage tool for source-to-target data tracking.
  • Visualization enhancements for performance tiles, stacked bar charts, freeze headers, waterfall charting, chart grids
  • Navigational breadcrumbs in the user interface
  • Enhancements to the mobile BI application.
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