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What Is New in ODI BI Applications HR Analytics?

Posted by KPI Partners News Team on Tue, Oct 21, 2014 @ 12:21 PM

by Ramesh Ponaganti

BI Applications Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Human Resource Analytics provides the following new content as part of the release

  1. Time and Labor Analytics - New Subject Area
  2. Accruals  - Extended Absence Subject Area
  3. Headcount Gain & Loss - New Subject Area  
  4. Extended/New Dimensionality
  5. Enhanced Payroll Data Model
  6. Retired Fact and Aggregate tables

1. Time and Labor Analytics – New Subject Area

  1. Time and Labor subject area provides a detailed information of the measures involved in creating, reporting, and processing of the employee timecards.
  2. Time and Labor Analytics monitors timecard status and late timecard submission. It analyzes reported productive and non-productive time and estimates reported time cost.
  3. This allows managers to gain insight into hidden cause and costs of overtime, absenteeism and low productivity.
  4. It helps reconcile reported time with time posted to payroll and projects.
  5. Integrated with Project Analytics: Time and Labor analytics can also analyze reported time and labor cost by projects and project resources    
  6. Supported Source Systems - PeopleSoft and EBS
New Star schemas
  1. Time Reported Fact (W_TLB_RPTD_F)
  2. Time Processed Fact (W_TLB_PRCSD_F)
Some of the key metrics in Time and Labor  (Approx. 40+ in total available in out of the box)
  1. of Timecards
  2. of Timecard Lines Submitted
  3. of Timecard Lines Approved
  4. Reported Hours
  5. Reported Employee Hours
  6. Reported Productive Hours
  7. Reported Unproductive Hours
  8. Processed Regular Hours
  9. Processed Overtime Hours
  10. Processed Time Estimated Cost Amount etc.
Following dashboard pages available in out of the box using approx. 30 prebuilt reports.
  1. Overview
  2. Timecard Monitoring
  3. Processed Time
  4. Time Coverage
  5. Time Trend
  6. Estimated Labor Cost
Following are few sample reports from Oracle out of the box Time and Labor Analytics.

PonagantiRamesh 2014 09 02 BI Applications ODI HR Analytics 1 resized 600

PonagantiRamesh 2014 09 02 BI Applications ODI HR Analytics 2 resized 600
PonagantiRamesh 2014 09 02 BI Applications ODI HR Analytics 3 resized 600


 PonagantiRamesh 2014 09 02 BI Applications ODI HR Analytics 4 resized 600

2. Accruals – Extended Absence Subject Area

  1. Accruals are added to Absence subject area, which will help in capturing employee historical, current and planned absence events, working days lost, accrual balances and help identify absenteeism hotspots.     
  2. New Star -  Accrual Transactions Fact (W_ACCRUAL_XACT_F)
  3. New Metrics -
  • Accrual Balance
  • Maximum Accrual Balance
  • Accrual Liability Amount
  • Previous Accrual Balance etc.

3. Extended/New Dimensionality

Following new dimensions are added to HR star schemas in BI Applications 11g data model to fill the gaps in the previous versions.

  1. Cost Center Dimension
  2. Position Hierarchy (Built using HR positions)
  3. Compa Ratio Band Dimension
  4. HR Assignment Dimension
  5. HR Person Dimension
  6. Supervisor Dimension etc.

4. Headcount Gain & Loss Subject Area

  1. Workforce Gains and Losses subject introduced in Workforce , which monitors the headcount movement with various metrics like Hire, Transfer, and Termination etc. using the Supervisor Hierarchy.
  2. The trend analysis of the headcount movement can be done over month, quarter, and year. The changes due to Reorganization of the employees under different supervisors can also be analyzed using the Workforce Gains and Losses
  4. It does provide following key metrics.
  • Headcount Gain
  • Headcount Gain Transfer
  • Headcount Gain Hire
  • Headcount Gain Reorganization
  • Headcount Loss
  • Headcount Loss Transfer
  • Headcount Loss Hire
  • Headcount Loss Reorganization etc.

5. Enhanced Payroll

Payroll data model is completely re-designed with the following new star schemas.
  • Payroll Run Balance Fact  (W_PAY_RUN_BAL_F)
  • Payroll Run Balance Details Fact  (W_PAY_RUN_BAL_DTL_F)
  1. New ETL Adaptors to support PeopleSoft Global Payroll
  2. Payroll subject areas contains the balance details of various metrics used in the payroll run of an organization. Also provides the MTD, QTD, and YTD details of various payroll balances.     
  3. Payroll Analytics provides complete information on various earnings, deductions, taxes, and special balances for the employees from pay run results.
  4. The payroll balances store granular pay run result balances as well as configurable aggregated summary measures.
  5. It allows customers to better analyze aggregated payroll, compensation or benefits costs e.g. total overtime, total net pay, total employer-paid healthcare cost, total employer taxes etc. as well as drill to detailed payroll element balances.

6. Retired Fact and Aggregate tables

Following tables are obsolete in BIApps 11g data model.

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